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Tips to Stay Healthy on Super Bowl Sunday


Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend and, if you plan on gathering around the television with friends to tune in, you probably also plan on enjoying some food as you root for your team. Unfortunately, this event is not exactly associated with the healthiest foods and, if you are trying to stay on track with your diet, you might be a little concerned about this day derailing your commitment to getting fit and staying healthy. There is no reason to be afraid though; you can enjoy the big game and remain health conscious.

Below is a list of some tips that will help get you through the Super Bowl without packing on extra pounds:

  • Drink plenty of water: When it comes to a Super Bowl party, beer and alcoholic beverages are often in abundance. These drinks are high in calories and, moreover, if you end up getting too tipsy, your inhibitions will go out the window and you will become far less aware of how much you are eating. Limit your alcohol intake and try to drink plenty of water instead. Drinking water will also help regulate digestion and combat any sodium-heavy foods you might consume.
  • Use a plate: You can easily lose track of how much you are eating if you are simply dipping your hand into a bag or a communal bowl. To avoid this, get a place and portion out your snacks in order to be more conscious of exactly how much you are eating.
  • Exercise in the morning: To combat the amount of couch time you will probably do that day, make time to stay active in the morning by going to the gym, going for a walk, or doing a workout at home. You can also try to stay active by using timeouts or commercial breaks to stretch your legs.
  • Prioritize the snacks you like best: Just because you are trying to stay healthy does not necessarily mean you need to deprive yourself of all of your favorite snacks. That said, you should not load up your plat with them. Try to enjoy them in moderation. Additionally, you do not need to put other snacks on your plate just because they are available. Stick to the foods you like and avoid eating whatever happens to be in front of you.
  • Make healthy alternatives: Regardless if you are a guest at someone else’s party or hosting your own, you should always have healthy snacks available. For example, consider buffalo cauliflower as an alternative to wings. You should also avoid sitting next to the food since that increases your chances of overeating.
  • Get distracted: Of course, the game itself is entertaining, but in case that is not enough to hold your attention, stay distracted and avoid overeating by chatting with your friends or getting up to move around a bit. Whatever you do, avoid spending too much time around the snacks and food.
  • Stay aware: Savor the food you eat by eating it slowly and pacing yourself. Eating mindfully is a big part of not eating too much and it also allows you to enjoy the moment.

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