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Why Choose US?

Why Choose Soza Weight Loss?

You Can Get Dramatic Results with Our Harvey Weight Loss Programs*

If you have been trying to lose stubborn body fat, you most likely have tried a number of products or programs that guarantee results, but get you nowhere in the end. It is all too easy to become jaded in this world of false promises and discouraging outcomes. You may even feel like there is no point in trying after all you've been through.

Soza Weight Loss in Harvey, Covington, Metairie, and Prairieville is here to offer you hope. Unlike so many other programs, we do not rely on gimmicks, fad diets, or weight loss pills. We are not an exercise program, we do not use prepackaged foods, nor do we use hormones. We use a completely natural and safe approach that focuses on proper nutrition and promoting a healthy lifestyle. At our clinic, you will receive a comprehensive education regarding healthy eating habits and natural supplements that support you endocrine system, improve your metabolism, target fat, curb your appetite (so hunger is not an issue), and has additional ingredients to assist with detoxification, and suppress cravings.

Lose Weight Rapidly*

Our clinic offers a variety of programs and we can help you select the one that best suits your situation. Throughout the duration of the program, your progress will be overseen by our team of professionals, and we can help you stay on track. Since 2011, we have helped over 5,000 clients to rapidly lose weight through our targeted solutions. Before we begin, our team will take a number of factors into account when tailoring a plan to you, making each plan totally unique and optimized for your personal health.

Our team will consider the following factors while designing your plan:

  • Starting weight
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Health conditions
  • Medical history
  • Current medicines

In addition to our weight loss programs, we offer healthy living programs that can help you maintain a lifestyle that will keep you in shape. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions.

*Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of weight loss or anti-aging results. All bodies are different and there are numerous factors that affect appearance and weight, so results may vary for each individual. You should consult with a doctor before beginning any new diet or exercise regimen.

Start with a Free Consultation

At Soza Weight Loss, our Harvey weight loss programs begin with a free, in-person consultation. During this appointment, our team can create a plan that can help you finally shed those extra pounds. We can arrange to meet at any of our clinics, located in Harvey, Covington, Metairie, and Prairieville.

Call (504) 475-9817 today to speak to a representative from our clinic!

Hear From Our Happy Clients

  • "Love Bonnie! So much Support! Love the recipes!"
    Love Bonnie! So much Support! Love the recipes!
    - Edie L.
  • "Love this program, love the support and recipes!"
    Love this program, love the support and recipes!
    - Julia
  • "I lost 18.6 pounds in 35 days!"
    Awesome program. I lost 18.6 pounds in 35 days! Bonnie is so sweet! I lost my chin! Yay!
    - Tammy
  • "I love the results already!"
    After one year off, I needed a boost to get back on track - I love the results already!
    - Barbara
  • "I enjoy weekly visits to keep me on track!"
    I enjoy weekly visits to keep me on track!
    - Christina S.
  • "I lost 11 lbs in 10 days!"
    So glad I came back. I lost 11 lbs in 10 days!
    - Chonda P
  • "It has been easy to adapt to and I have had great success!"
    Soza is wonderful! When I began the program I was told it was a "life style change". It has been easy to adapt to and I have had great success because of that. I can easily say that I can see myself continuing with these eating habits.
    - Lisa Marcello
  • "They have a supportive staff that allows me to go at my own pace."
    Love this program! Truly the only one that works for me. They have a supportive staff that allows me to go at my own pace.
    - Laurie P.