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Ways to Achieve Your Fitness Goals This Year


You rang in the New Year and made some resolutions regarding your health and fitness this year, but did figure out how to get started yet? Embarking on a new fitness plan can be a little daunting, but everyone has to start somewhere, so let this be the start of a new and healthier version of yourself.

We have compiled a list of tips that will help you get started on achieving the fitness goals you have set forth for yourself this year:

  • Know if you are ready for it: Are you both physically and mentally ready to begin an exercise program? Let your doctor know that you would like to start a new fitness regimen and find out if you are healthy enough for it. After your doctor gives you the green light to proceed, ask yourself how mentally ready you are for this change in your life. Do you think you will stick to an exercise program? The only way you will remain committed to your new routine is if you believe you can do it, receive encouragement your friends and family, and if you are participating in exercise activities that you find enjoyable.
  • Create a plan: Before you get started on your new exercise program, ask yourself how often you will do it and which days and times are most convenient for you. You should also determine what type of exercises you will do. Since you are just getting started, try to begin with exercises you enjoy and will have fun with. After you get used to your new exercise regimen, you can expand your horizon and explore other forms of exercise.
  • Bring a buddy with you: Do you know anyone else whose New Year’s resolution is to get fit? Bring them along on your journey. Including a friend in your lifestyle change will better guarantee that you remain committed to your exercise regimen. There might be times when one of you will not want to exercise, so it is important for you to be there for one another, so neither of you gives up on your fitness goals.
  • Take it easy: Your New Year’s resolution should be something you dedicate yourself to for life and not something that only lasts the first few months of the year. If you approach it like a temporary goal and start out with high intensity, you will likely burn out fast and be incapable of keeping it up in the long run. Start out slow and steady and gradually increase the intensity level when you are ready.
  • Be realistic: Your fitness goals should also be realistic and feasible. If you kick off with a big goal that is impossible or physically impractical for you to achieve, you will get disappointed by your failure and give up entirely on trying to improve your fitness level and health. Set an achievable goal for yourself and, once you accomplish it, set another, and so forth.

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