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Tips to Stay Active without the Gym


Many of us want to get in shape and stay active, but not all of us enjoy going to the gym or want to pay for membership. The fact is that you do not have to go to the gym to get in shape, nor do you have to hire a personal trainer. However, you do need to be committed to following a routine and you should be able to regularly carve time out of your day to give your body the level of activity it needs.

Below is a list of some tips that will help you stay active without having to shell out money for a gym membership:

  • Take the stairs: Not only should you try to walk wherever and whenever you can, but you should also try to take the stairs whenever possible. Elevators are nice and everything, but taking the stairs can make a big difference for your health.
  • Walk whenever you can: The benefits of walking are incredibly underestimated. Wherever your day takes you, try to walk to your destination, if possible. Try to make time for a short walk in the middle of your workday, and opt for parking spots that are a bit far, so you can get a bit more mileage in. There are a plethora of creative ways to walk a little more and ensure that your lifestyle is far from sedentary.
  • Make use of free workout videos: The internet is your friend! There is a wide variety of free workout videos, so rummage through YouTube and find a routine that speaks to you. More often than not, these videos do not require you to be at the gym or to purchase any equipment. Instead, they focus on the use of your own bodyweight.
  • Get some basic fitness equipment: You do not need to build a gym in your home to get fit. All you need are some light dumbbells, a stability ball, and a jump rope, which you can get at all relatively inexpensive prices. These simple items can all go a long way in the exercise routines you do at home.
  • Be creative: Finding alternative ways to stay fit is not meant to be an arduous process. In fact, you can make this a pretty fun experience. Consider items around the house that weight more than a pound, but are easy to grasp, and use them as weights to do squats or curls. You can even use your furniture as exercise equipment to perform basic exercises.
  • Do bodyweight exercises: Bodyweight exercises include, planks, jumping jacks, push-ups, and step-ups, all of which can be made more difficult if you increase quantity and speed to challenge yourself.
  • Housework can be part of your exercise routine: Cleaning your home can also be a good way to get moving, so start vacuuming and clean the dust off your furniture to burn those calories. Not only will you have a cleaner place to live, but you can also stay fit.

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