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Why You Should Stay Away From Fad Diets


Many individuals are unable to effectively lose weight and keep it off and, therefore, it should be no surprise that so many fad diets exist, promising dieters a better, leaner body. Unfortunately, many of these diets are all hype and no substance. They might make you drop a few pounds quickly at first, but are ultimately unsustainable. Instead of opting for a flash in the pan fad diet, you should focus on better nutrition and more regular activity.

Here are some reasons why you should refrain from partaking in fad dieting:

  • It is better to focus on quality: Many fad diets are incredibly restrictive, eliminating entire food groups that are actually necessary for a well-balanced diet. Not only does this sort of dieting make long-term success impossible, but it is unhealthy and will result in a harmful nutritional deficit.
  • Develop healthier food habits: When people try to lose weight, they tend to focus more on the number on the scale than on their nutrition. Proper weight loss requires a focus on both shedding pounds and healthier eating habits, however. Set goals for yourself, such as eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. This is an effective way to ensure you consume enough nutrients without eating too many calories. If you want a more substantial treat, try topping some Greek yogurt with fruit.
  • Fad diets are hard to keep up: Fad diets initially provide fast results that make dieters feel encouraged, but the problem is that one’s usual habits often return, resulting in weight gain. This is because most fad diets are simply too difficult and unhealthy to maintain and, without ever having learned real healthy habits, people given up and resume their previous bad eating habits. If you focus on better habits and ways in which you can enjoy some of the fatty foods you love in healthy ways, you will have an easier time maintaining your diet. For example, if you like eating pasta, choose whole wheat instead of white and control your portions by serving it with a side of steamed vegetables.
  • Fad diets are generally never exciting: Given the severe limitations that are often involved in fad diets, many of them do not inspire any culinary excitement. In fact, many of them are downright boring, which is another reason why they are hard to maintain. Instead of eating a restrictive diet that makes you feel deprived, explore healthy food options that are tasty and inspire you to stick to your diet.

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