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Body Shaming Needs to Stop


At Soza Weight Loss, we proudly emphasize the health benefits of losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight throughout the rest of your life. No matter how severe your condition may, making that first step toward changing your life for the better deserves appreciation, respect and love.

Unfortunately, there are those who still practice the despicable act of body shaming. While teasing individuals for being overweight isn’t a recent issue; however, the influence and accessibility of social media is new.

For example, a few weeks ago a Playboy model shared a photo of a nude, unsuspecting stranger in their gym’s locker room and declared, “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.” For some reason we cannot even fathom, some people believe that it is absolutely fine with posting judgmental and hurtful comments about another individual’s appearance or weight on their social media accounts.

Whether it’s a celebrity or regular person, the pain and torment it causes the recipient is often significantly devastating. Luckily, this model received a lot of negative attention from supporters of the stranger and warranted an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department, which warranted an apology from the offender. It’s great that the Internet can rally together and display outrage on someone until an apology is made. However, there are still concerns that the important message is getting lost in translation.

Instead of focusing on how someone looks, we all must focus on how someone physically and emotionally feels. The act of body shaming prevents someone from seeking the care and treatment necessary to improve their health, which is the real tragedy. Going back to the example we used, the victim at the gym was making positive strides in their lifestyle to do something about their weight, which should be met with reward and high praise instead of insults and negativity.

If you are a victim of body shaming, don’t let it stand in your way to living your best life now. Contact Soza Weight Loss and schedule a free consultation with our New Orleans weight loss program professionals today.

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