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Feel Positive About Your Body Image


When it comes to losing weight, one of the things our clients have a hard time grasping is positive body image. Most people often assume that once they accomplish their weight loss goal or if they looked a particular way, they would instantly love themselves. However, it’s important to love yourself no matter how you look. Hating yourself won’t motivate you to achieve your goal quicker. Instead, must enjoy the body you currently have and give yourself the credit you deserve since you’re doing whatever it takes to get fit and healthy.

If you have your share of bad days, the following are tips and reminders that help develop positive body image:

  • Understand that beauty isn’t just skin deep. The way you look doesn’t solely define the type of person you are. Continue to remind yourself that there is more to how you look on the outside because the inside is very important as well.
  • Your clothes don’t define you. Do you ever get upset about not fitting clothes that you recently bought? You must understand that clothes sizes come in various forms and fits depending on the brand. So just buy what fits, wear clothes that you are comfortable and feel good in, no matter what it says on the label.
  • Avoid frequent gazes into the mirror. If you catch yourself looking in the mirror, you may be reminding yourself about which parts of your body you despise. Constantly staring at your reflection isn’t going to change anything, so stop being obsessed over your image. However, if you happen to look into the mirror, focus on what you love about yourself.
  • Don’t buy into the media’s definition of “beauty.” The media and society places major emphasis on our worth based on how we look. The media’s definition of beauty frequently changes throughout the years, so you must not define yourself depending on someone else’s opinion.
  • Stop weighing yourself every day. People often get discouraged by what their scales read, especially if they do so multiple times throughout the day. Your weight fluctuates throughout day and constantly checking up will only make you think that you’re not making any significant process. Instead, just weight yourself once a week or once a month.
  • Be surrounded by positive people. Losing weight is a hard battle to fight if you do so on your own. However, if you are around the type of people who are constantly negative about your appearance, it’s time to let them go. Surround yourself with positive, encouraging people who love you for who you are, make you feel good about yourself, and fully support your journey of losing weight.
  • Normal doesn’t exist. If you want to be normal like everyone else, you’re certainly setting yourself up for failure. There is no universal definition of normal. Normal is what normal is for you, since human beings come in all different shapes and sizes. Focus on being the best you possible, not being normal.
  • Be proactive when negative thoughts enter your mind. When negative thoughts consume your time, it is essentially just wasting it. Realize that this time could be spent being productive about losing weight.

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