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The Importance of Personalizing Your Weight Loss Plan


Whether you heard it from your parents and relatives or your teachers and coaches, did you anyone ever tell you that you were special and that there is no one else in the world just like you? Well, what you’ve been told your entire life is actually correct! This fact is especially legitimate when it comes to losing weight.

As soon as weight problems evolved into a significant issue concerning the lives of Americans, people have been looking for the best solution toward losing those extra pounds. This had resulted in a variety of fad diets or weight loss supplements which claim to be a quick and simple way to obtain the results you desire. However, none of these options worked and may never work in the future.

It is evident that the one-size-fits-all weight loss regiment doesn’t exist, or ever will. Fortunately, since we are all special and unique in our own way, the best approach to healthy weight must be specific toward each of our particular needs.

In a 32-week study published in the journal Obesity, participants were assigned at random into either a personalized weight management program or a standard care program. At the conclusion of the experiment, participants in the personalized programs had substantial success in losing weight, as well as reducing body fat and their waist circumference.

Published in the journal Cell, another study comprised of 800 participants examined how the same foods reacted differently on the weight and health of each participate. Since changes in blood sugar levels is an indication of metabolism and weight management, they used it as a main component in their experiment. They determined that people processed nutrients differently, all with major differences in blood glucose levels.

What we can take away from these studies is that our bodies and health requires specific plans catered to our needs. What may benefit one person to lose weight may hinder another. Not only does this principal of personalization apply to the foods we eat, but also the activities we perform toward losing weight, how we sleep a night, and how we manage stress. The primary key is to find what is best for you.

At Soze Weight Loss, our New Orleans weight loss clinic is dedicated to finding the right treatment plan for your weight loss goals. We have already helped thousands of our clients obtain the outcome they desire and our professional staff is confident we can do the same for you.

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