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The Problem with Motivation & Weight Loss


If you are like many people interested in losing weight, you have most likely started and stopped a program several times. Perhaps you watched an inspirational movie that got you fired up about changing your ways, or maybe it was an inspirational blogger, or it could have even been someone inspirational in your life.

Motivation is that inspiration to go out for that run or eat that healthy meal. It gives you the extra boost to get started on your plans. Motivation is what fills your head with dreams of what could be if you just made these changes. It gives you hope, only to disappear after a few days when you need it the most.

Motivation Isn’t Reliable

Have you ever been to the gym the first week of January? The gym floor is packed with people working hard. Come next week; the gym is like a ghost town. That’s because motivation isn’t reliable. Motivation is like a gas tank that needs to be filled up regularly.

“I just don’t have the motivation to work out.”

“I can’t motivate myself to cook dinner after work.”

“I don’t have the motivation to wake up and work out.”

Do any of these phrases sound like you? If so, you might be using motivation the wrong way.

Motivation Needs Structured Discipline

Your weight loss journey likely began with a spark of motivation. If you start using that motivation as a power up, or a small boost in tandem with structured discipline, you will start to see better results.

Let’s take a look at these two individual journeys.

Person A: Watches the movie Invincible and is motivated to get healthy by working out and eating right. She pulls on the leggings she typically wears as pajamas, grabs her trainers and heads out for a run. She returns after a 40-minute run, exhausted, sweaty and breathing hard, but she’s proud of herself for going on the run. On day 2, she heads out for only a 20-minute run. On day 3, she’s busy after work and doesn’t have time to run. On day 4 she goes on a 20-minute walk. By day 5, she completely forgets to work out. Most of the motivation she had from day 1 is gone. She slips back into her old habits and won’t start working out again until her next motivational moment.

Person B: Watches the movie Invincible, and is motivated to work out and start eating right. She then immediately heads to her planner and sets times in her schedule she can commit to working out. She calls a friend and asks if they would like to go running every Wednesday morning. She researches if there are any healthy living programs she can join in her area that will help her start eating right. After she’s finished doing the research and creating a structured plan, she goes for a run.

By the end of the month, which person do you think will be closer to their original intended goal of losing weight and getting healthy? We can tell you with certainty that it’s Person B.

Person B used the combination of structured discipline and motivation to get their journey started.

It’s Your Turn to Take Action

Now that you’re motivated to start your weight loss journey, it’s your turn to take action.

  • Pay for ten personal training sessions
  • Schedule your workouts on your calendar for the next month
  • Join a New Orleans weight loss program
  • Give your friend $100 and have them pay you back for every workout you do

The key to success is taking action, and we at Soza Weight Loss can help you develop a structured program for 30, 60 or 90 days to help you lose weight. Need a little motivation? Check out some of our amazing before and after photos.

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