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5 Things that Separate Dieting from a Lifestyle Change

5 Things that Separate Dieting from a Lifestyle Change

The dieting industry is a booming business raking in billions of dollars every year. So many fad diets hit the market and promise quick results, but while many of them offer short-term weight loss, most fail in the long run. That’s because not only are these diets unsustainable, but the mindset of dieting is all wrong in the first place. The key to achieving weight loss and maintaining it is making a lifestyle change that includes healthy eating, regular exercise, and monitoring your calories burned versus the ones you consume.

If this sounds like a less-than-appealing situation to you, it doesn’t mean you’re in for a life of constant sacrifice and never enjoying another meal. You can health healthy, flavorful food and still enjoy it. You’ll also notice tons of other achievements, such as reducing the effects of weight-related health issues. For example, you can reduce your high blood pressure, lessen the risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disease, and reduce symptoms of depression while boosting your self-esteem.

The Difference Between a Short-Term Diet and a Lifestyle Change

The idea that a diet is a short-term change in eating and exercise habits is misguided. Research shows most people who make abrupt, sudden changes in their routines are more likely to regain most, if not all, of the weight that they lost from their dieting ventures. While a lifestyle change may sound like a discouraging undertaking, the results that you’ll achieve are much more likely to last as you focus on your overall health and wellness rather than obsessing over that number on the scale and how fast you can get the number to go down to your desired target.

The 5 key characteristics that separate diets from lifestyle changes include:

  1. How you view which foods you should eat vs. shouldn’t: No foods are purely “good” or “bad.” You should focus more on moderation than restricting and eliminating foods from your diet and nourish your body by eating nutritious, unprocessed foods so you are satisfied longer between meals.
  2. The scale is not the only measure of self-improvement: With dieting, you tend to use the scale daily to check your weight loss progress, but this doesn’t take into account other “non-scale victories.” For example, measuring the inches you’ve lost is a great indicator of weight loss success, and so are things like being able to touch your toes and go on an hour-long hike without feeling exhausted.
  3. Don’t focus on instant gratification: One of the reasons diets fail so frequently is because people are too eager to lose weight literally as fast as humanly possible. This is a recipe for disaster, not to mention disappointment. You should keep weight loss goals realistic and sustainable, at about ½ to 2 pounds lost per week. However, it’s normal to see bigger losses in the first few weeks of changing your lifestyle, but these will taper off. Don’t be discouraged.
  4. Focus not only on calories, but good nutrition: Weight loss should be simple in theory – burn more calories than you consume and the pounds drop. But the calorie content is another important thing to track, including the macronutrient content of protein, carbohydrates, and dietary fat. Everything should be well balanced, because eating 2,000 calories of gummy bears is not the same as eating 2,000 calories of salad with lean protein.
  5. Ask for support: Trying to lose weight on your own can be a frustrating endeavor. You can strengthen your commitment by talking through your lifestyle change goals with your primary care doctor, a therapist, or even joining a local gym and going to group classes for the added moral support. If you can, get a workout buddy to be involved in your journey.

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