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Snacking Wisely at Work


Controlling your diet can be difficult at work. You might find yourself halfway through the workday, feeling tired and willing to snack on almost anything to stay awake and energized so you can make it to the end. How can you snack wisely on the job without breaking your diet?

We have compiled a list of healthy and tasty snacks that can fuel you throughout the day that will not leave you feeling guilty or unsatisfied:

  • Almonds: What is so great about this nutty snack? Well, it will suppress your hunger between meals and it is packed full of good stuff, including fiber, protein, and healthy unsaturated fats, all of which can keep your stomach from rumbling while you are sitting at your desk and trying to focus.
  • Yogurt Parfait: Here is another high protein snack that can satiate your need to snack during the day at work. Consider making these at home with Greek yogurt, granola, and berries and take them to work with you for a mid-day snack. The combination of these different food groups will help you feel nourished and energized.
  • Tuna and Crackers: Looking for something a little lower in calories, but still fulfilling? Try a can of tuna with about five low-sodium crackers for a blend of carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats.
  • Blueberries and a Cheese Snack: Not everyone can crack open a can of tuna at work, so if you are looking for something that requires a little less effort, try a pint of blueberries and a cheese snack, such as Babybel. You can get your sweet fix from the berries and a little hunger control from the cheese.
  • Vegetables and Hummus: Buy some pre-cut veggies or cut your own at home and dip them in hummus for a mid-day snack. Hummus is relatively easy to make yourself as well, but there are also lots of premade options to choose from at the store. Hummus provides some good plant-based protein and fiber, though you can get another dose of fiber from the veggies you choose.
  • Full-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt: Buy some full-fat plain Greek yogurt and pair it with something healthy like chia seeds or cacao powder to address any sugar cravings you might have. The fat of the yogurt will help you feel full and could even energize you late in the evening if you plan on working out.

With so many healthy options available, there is no need to reach for a bag of chips when you feel like snacking. Stay on track with your healthy lifestyle and go for a snack that makes you feel good and helps fuel your workday.

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