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6 Easy Ways to Be More Physically Active

Engaging in regular physical activity is a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. Knowing where to start if you have been living a sedentary life can be challenging. Starting to work out several times a week can make a positive difference, but finding other ways to be active in your daily life can help you get more exercise without having to worry about fitting extra workouts into your busy schedule. It also helps build healthy habits for you and your loved ones.

You have lots of simple ways to move your body more in both your professional and personal life to support your mental and physical health.

Regular physical activity offers many benefits, including:

  • Weight loss or stabilization
  • Improved digestive function
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Higher cognitive functions
  • More restful sleep

If you are ever concerned that something may not be an appropriate fit for you, reach out to your doctor to discuss what options fit your needs and goals. And if you are currently attending physical therapy sessions, your provider can make personalized suggestions to help you become more active in addition to the exercises they can prescribe you in between your in-office appointments.

#1 Stand and Stretch Your Legs More Often

Taking several breaks to get up from your chair and stretch your legs can make a significant difference in your well-being when you have a sedentary job or are a student. It is also a convenient way to go refill your water bottle to stay hydrated. Do you find it hard to remember to take breaks? No worry! Just set alarms to remind you.

#2 Go for Walks

Walking offers many health benefits and is an easy way to move your body several times a day. Dedicating some time to go for walks is a healthy habit to implement. While going on long hikes can be an enjoyable activity, you can start by taking short walks around your neighborhood and build from there. Gradual progress can help you sustain habits in the long term.

Do you have a dog? Then you have your walk partner already available. If you do not have a dog, you don’t need to adopt one to walk more often whether on your own or with loved ones. Walks are a family-friendly activity whether your little one is still in a stroller, or you have teenagers. It is a simple way to engage in regular physical activity as a family.

You can also make walks, whether at a local park or going to see a museum exhibit, part of your date nights. And if you want to catch up with friends, why not go for a walk as a group? You could even make it a regular social activity.

If you work at home or have the opportunity to do so at the office, walk during your phone calls. Most of those meetings do not require you to look at specific work items or be on camera, which creates an opportunity to move your body.

#3 Take the Stairs

You may be taking the elevator at work without thinking twice. Why not take the stairs instead? It gives you a mini cardio workout at no cost! If you have a significant number of floors to go to reach your desk, you can start with only a few floors and gradually increase your staircase count.

If you have two or more floors at your home, why not charge your phone on a different one than where your bedroom is? Not only can it help you minimize time spent scrolling, but it gives you another easy way to take the stairs. You can make this part of your bedtime routine.

#4 Exercise While Watching TV

You may have heard about using commercial breaks to do a quick set of sit-ups, stretches, or planks. It is only one option to work out while watching TV. In the age of streaming when commercial breaks are not the norm, you can opt to engage in quick workouts between episodes of your favorite TV show.

Are you simply enjoying a rewatch of one of your favorite TV series or movies? Since you already are familiar with the plot, you can do an actual workout in front of the screen!

#5 Clean Your Home

Keeping a clean environment that is as clutter-free as possible is not only good for your health, generally speaking, but is a convenient way to engage a wide variety of muscle groups. It easily doubles as a workout no matter the size of your home.

If you have an outdoor space, doing yard work is another solid fitness option that you can incorporate into your life. Have you been thinking about gardening? Maybe a vegetable garden? Say hello to additional opportunities to be physically active while taking care of your home.

#6 Update Your Workspace

If you have a sedentary job with hours spent at a computer, you have options to incorporate more physical activity while you are working. This does not replace the time you focus on walking or any other sort of workout, but it can support your health.

If you work from home, you may have more leeway in updating your workspace as you see fit, but if you work in an office, you should check with your supervisor if ergonomic updates are acceptable. Your company may even have ergonomic options available.

Common upgrades for sedentary workspaces include:

  • Standing desk
  • Exercise ball chair
  • Under desk mini pedal machines

While these types of equipment are helpful for many people, make sure to check with your primary care physician if they are safe for you.

Bonus Tip: Go with the Season

Are you looking for new ideas to increase your physical activity levels or to change things up to sustain your healthy lifestyle? Use the current season for inspiration or plan for the following one! Whether you are looking for solo endeavors or group activities, each season brings its perks and opportunities for both indoor and outdoor settings!

  • Spring/Summer ideas: Fruit picking, hiking, volleyball, swimming, biking
  • Fall/Winter ideas: Skiing, snowboarding, bowling, ice skating, hockey

If you are looking for group options, why not brainstorm with your loved ones? Many outings like apple picking or ice skating are family-friendly and can accommodate people of various ages.

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