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Tips for Managing Weight During the Holidays


Managing Your Weight Loss Journey During Holiday Seasons

Now that summer has ended and fall is upon us, the winter holiday season is only a few months away. In addition to spending quality time with family and taking some time off from work, these holidays are also the season for plenty of eating.

If you are in the process of losing weight, resisting the temptation of overeating can be quite a daunting challenge. Stress is a contributing factor since you may be worried about purchasing gifts, cooking for the whole family, or traveling all over the place without sticking to your weight loss plan.

5 Ways to Stick to Weight Loss Goals

The following are helpful ways to stick to your weight loss goals during the holiday season:

  1. Track your food. Knowing what you are eating on a daily basis can help you lose weight. Calculate the nutrition information on your favorite holiday foods so you can add them to your tracker.
  2. Plan out your holiday meals. Cut back on calories by determining what you plan to eat before you attend another party or sit down for another holiday dinner.
  3. Consider fitness a priority. With so much time being spent in other places besides the gym, you can easily lose your motivation to workout. That is why it is best to add your workouts to your holiday schedule by physically writing them down on your calendar since it is an excellent way to hold yourself accountable.
  4. Bring your own food. A great way to monitor what goes into your food is by bringing your own. No matter what kind of food is available at any given gathering, you know at least one dish that you can eat without worry.
  5. Don’t give up if you slip up. As much as you try to stay on your weight-loss regiment, mistakes can occur. Just remember that it takes more than one day of overeating to cease your progress. Accept your slip-ups and learn from them.

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