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What's a Good Alternative to Facelifts?


The Wonders of Skin Tightening

It's extremely common for our face and body to sag when we begin to age. As such, skin tightening may be a good option for you to explore. Once tight, radiant skin can begin sagging and become translucent. An increase in wrinkles, folds, and fat pockets are a common occurrence. We use  TriPollar Radio Frequency (RF) technology which is an extremely advanced system to deliver immediate body and facial results from the very first treatment! 

The Cheaper Alternative

While some people choose to go the route of having a facelift, others may not have the time or money to invest in surgery. Skin tightening is a great alternative that costs less and is far less invasive. Typically, results are noticeable immediately following the treatment, and there is no downtime, which has made it an increasingly popular procedure. Optimal results usually require only two or three treatments about a month apart. Skin tightening also effectively:

  1. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and loose skin
  2. Smooths out spots and lines 
  3. Achieves a more youthful appearance
  4. Minimizes invasive procedures

Other Benefits of Skin Tightening

Another bonus is treatments encourage the growth of new collagen. With the regeneration of natural collagen, skin tightening patients begin to notice smoother, softer skin.

Patients often use the procedure on their faces, especially on fine lip lines and crows feet, but it can also be used to treat loose or sagging skin throughout the entire body.

Recovery from a surgical facelift typically involves bruising and swelling, which increases for the first four to five days after surgery. It isn’t until the fifth day following surgery that the swelling and bruising subside and about a week to eight days later that makeup can be applied. Many facelift patients choose to stay inside during their recovery process. With skin tightening, treatments only take approximately 45 minutes, and many return to their daily schedule immediately. 

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