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5 Weight Loss Milestones that Don’t Involve the Number on the Scale


Let’s face it, losing weight takes hard work, but many who start the journey obsess over the number on the scale as the only way to measure progress. Not so! There are so many milestones you’ll reach on your way to hitting your target weight, and you owe it to yourself to celebrate. Once you start noticing these milestones, you’ll be even more motivated to keep practicing your healthy habits as you continue your journey to a healthier you.

  1. Your clothes are too big: One of the most exciting aspects of weight loss is when you notice your clothes becoming looser. Maybe you’ve even had a close encounter with a wardrobe malfunction as your pants start to sag, or your shirts have extra space that never existed before. Looks like it’s time to shop!
  2. Your family, friends, or coworkers notice progress: It can be frustrating when you start a weight loss journey, and no one compliments you on your progress. Although we’d love this positive reinforcement from week #1, the truth is, it takes time for others to notice. When they do, commemorate these comments by recording them.
  3. You see a difference in photos: Looking back at old photos of yourself from when you were heavier can actually motivate you to continue on your weight loss journey. You may even start to notice you are more comfortable in front of the camera now than ever before!
  4. Your old jeans fit again: Let’s face it, most people have a pair of pants they hang on to, even though they don’t fit. If you opened that dreaded drawer with your “skinny jeans” and bravely tried them on to discover they actually fit now, that feeling of victory is almost indescribable.
  5. You can complete an activity you couldn’t do before: Maybe you couldn’t touch your toes, or you couldn’t do more than 5 jumping jacks without getting winded – Whatever the activity was that you previously dreaded, you deserve to celebrate for accomplishing it.

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