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How Busy Adults Can Find Time to Work Out


You likely already know how it’s important to exercise for your health and wellbeing. But who has time to exercise when they have a full-time job, 2.5 children, and a busy social life? You may think you simply have no time to juggle all these, but the good news is you do have time, with a little creativity and by following our tips to “fit” fitness into your routine.

Making the Commitment to Getting Enough Physical Activity

Don’t push fitness off your radar. Keeping exercise a priority means putting it on your calendar, and mapping out your week, which you can do on an evening you’re not working or beholden to some other commitment, so you’re more likely to have free time. For example, if you’re an office worker, you can do this on a Sunday evening as you’re planning out your week.

Another way you can make a commitment is by starting up a new hobby. For example, you could sign up for your local parks and recreation department and join the local dodgeball team, or join a local online meetup group’s hiking endeavors. Becoming part of a team, or even enlisting a workout buddy to motivate you, is a great way to ensure you’re getting the exercise you need on a weekly basis. There are even online games that can motivate you to get up and getting steps – which you can easily track on a smartwatch or a pedometer. Often there’s money involved, where you’ll get your money back for reaching your step goals.

Involve the Family, Your Friends, or Coworkers

If you’re a parent, it can be especially challenging to get physical activity. By involving the entire family and taking a group walk, or even playing catch in the backyard, you can have family fun and burn some calories together. You can even get your family dog in on the act! Taking twice-daily walks with your dog is great motivation to help you getting up and moving.

Another way to get active during a busy day while you’re at work is to take walks with your coworkers during lunchtime. If you take a 30-minute lunch, consider extending it an extra 30 minutes and go for a stroll after you’ve eaten your lunch.

Plan active “friend dates” to ensure you spend quality time with your friends, only this time, you’ll both be sweating as you hike in the local park, or take a trip to the local amusement park for the day. You may be surprised how much fun you’re having as you’re still getting some exercise!

Volunteering is one more excellent way you can get on your feet and stay active. Consider going to a soup kitchen, a nursing home, or an animal shelter so you spend more time on your feet and being active rather than at home on the couch or taking a nap in your free time.

Call Soza Weight Loss to Learn More About Fitting in Fitness

Still stumped on how you can fit more physical activity into your routine? Fear not, you can give Soza Weight Loss a call and turn over a new leaf where physical activity will seem more like an enjoyable way to get the exercise you need rather than a bothersome chore. We believe you can do it!

Call Soza Weight Loss at (504) 475-9817 for further information about our program.
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