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Why Do Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women?


It is not uncommon for couples to embark on a weight loss journey together. However, as you go down this path together, you might notice that he is able to lose weight faster than you, despite having similar diets and exercise routines. In fact, you might even be putting more effort into your workouts and keeping track of your diet far more carefully than he is only to reap less fruitful results. No, this is not your mind playing tricks on you and you are not doing anything wrong.

Want to know why men lose weight faster than women? Keep reading:

  • Men have more muscle than women: Due to higher testosterone levels, men actually carry more of their weight as muscle than women do, which also means that they have a much easier time building muscle as well. More muscle means results in a higher metabolic rate, allowing you to burn more calories and, therefore, achieve a leaner body. To catch up with their male counterparts, ladies should add strength training to their routine.
  • Men lose more water weight than women: Glycogen is a stored form of carbohydrates that the body taps into for fuel when it is running low on energy, causing you to lose water since the two are stored together. The reason why it is generally easy to lose the first few pounds quickly is because your body’s initial response is to break down glycogen stores and it takes the stored water along with it.
  • A woman’s body is designed to store fat differently: Fat storage is affected by one’s genes and gender. Men tend to accumulate fat in their belly region, whereas women tend to store it in the hips and thighs. While much of how women store fat is related to hormones, the good news is that you can still reduce your overall body fat by following a diet and exercise program that incorporates a balanced diet, cardio, and weight training.
  • A woman’s menstrual cycle triggers stress eating: Even without any apparent stressors, women have to deal with the hormonal fluctuations of a menstrual cycle, which often lead to unhealthy food cravings. To ensure that your cycle does not throw you off the path toward achieving your goal weight, you need to work on developing coping strategies to avoid the traps of stress eating.

Ultimately, although men and women differ biologically, affecting how they lose weight, the advantage does not last for long. If you are able to remain committed to your weight loss goals, eat right, and follow a exercise regimen that includes weight training, you should also be able to achieve the body you desire.

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