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Experts Say Behavioral Changes Aid Weight Loss


Everyone is aware that making dietary changes and exercising can contribute to weight loss, but oftentimes this is not enough. Losing weight is not just about being on a particular diet or following a workout regimen, but rather about adopting healthier habits that sometimes have nothing to do with the food you consume or the time you clock in at the gym. Changing your behavior can help ensure that the weight you lose is sustainable and promotes your overall health and state of mind.

Here are some of the behavioral changes you can incorporate into your life to help facilitate your weight loss goals:

  • Control your home environment: Chaos or disorganization in your life is a surefire way to end up making bad decisions for your health, so try to control what you can. Do you have a hard time resisting tempting, high-calorie foods? Simply do not buy them. Instead, keep low-calorie and nutritious options available and ready to eat and stay out of the kitchen if you are not preparing a meal. You should also avoid eating while watching television, cooking, talking on the phone, or engaging in any other activity that might distract you from being aware of how much you are eating. Only eat at the dining room table.
  • Control your work environment: For some, work can put them in situations where it might be difficult to stay healthy, so you need to do what you can to cull these temptations. Do not eat at your desk or keep tempting snacks at your desk. Hungry in between meals? Plan out some healthy snacks so you do not end up eating junk food to quell your hunger. You should also never work through meals since skipping meals can slow down your metabolism and likely result in overeating during your next meal.
  • Control how you eat: How you eat and what you eat go hand-in-hand. Even the healthiest foods can lead to weight gain if you are not managing your portions. Serve your plate of food at the stove or kitchen counter, but do not put serving dishes on the table. To control your portions, use smaller plates, bowls, and glasses and always refuse second helpings.
  • Change how you shop: To avoid making any poor grocery shopping decisions, avoid shopping while hungry and only buy items that are on your list. If you absolutely have to indulge a bit, buy individual-sized packages and try to opt for a lower calorie alternative, if available.

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