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5 Holiday Health Tips


The holidays can be tough if you are trying to watch your weight or stay healthy in the midst of a season that is practically defined by overindulgence. That said, there are ways to maneuver around this time of year without completely derailing your health while participating in the festivities that bring joy to so many.

Here are some helpful holiday health tips you should keep in mind this season:

  1. Remember to relax: First and foremost, remember that you are not going to suddenly gain 10 pounds over the holidays. In fact, the average person only gains about a pound during the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Of course, that does not mean you should suddenly eat everything in sight, but it does mean you should not be too hard on yourself if you end up eating more than a few chocolate truffles. The important thing is to not give up just because you had one moment of indulgence. Forgive yourself for the treats and resume your better habits.
  2. Do not skip meals: Lots of people often think that skipping a meal means they can have more room for delicious goodies later. That is not how it works, however. If you show up to a lunch or dinner starving, you are going to overeat and, if you are drinking, you are likely to get a quicker buzz. That quick buzz might feel nice, but it will also make you more prone to mindless eating.
  3. Turn down your aunt’s pie: Oftentimes, we end up eating something we would not otherwise have had simply to please a family member. If you are afraid of hurting anyone’s feelings, say you will have some later. Chances are, it will be forgotten and you will not have to eat those extra calories.
  4. Weigh yourself every day: You can also try on a pair of super snug jeans to gauge how much weight you might have gained. This is not about beating yourself up or becoming unhealthily obsessed with your body. Keeping a close eye on your weight during this time is only about preventing yourself from totally letting go of good habits.
  5. Stay active: The holidays are hectic and many do not have time for the gym. Try to go when you can, but if you cannot fit it into your schedule, be active in other ways. Speed-walk with your shopping bags, tighten your core muscles while vacuuming, and always use the stairs instead of the elevator.

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