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How to Avoid Re-Gaining the Weight You Lose


Anyone who has struggled with their weight and battled to lose the extra pounds and improve their health can tell you just how difficult this fight is. While achieving your goals is one of the most satisfying feelings you’ll ever experience, the battle doesn’t end there. Unfortunately, a number of studies have shown that those who were obese have a significantly higher chance of gaining their weight back after losing it, making weight loss a long-term process and not a short-term goal. We love seeing people reach their goals, and we want to help those who get there stay there for the rest of their lives. So to help, here are a few tips for helping keep the weight off after you’ve put in the countless hours of hard work to lose it.

Continue Exercising

Putting in the hours at the gym, the countless numbers of laps run around the block, and the long bike rides up grueling hills are all great for helping you take the weight off, but your body comes to depend on this exercise as a way to burn off the calories it consumes each day. Unfortunately a number of people who manage to reach their goal then stop or dramatically reduce their workout routines as though their journey is over. A new study from the U.S. National Library of Medicine confirmed that those who managed to maintain their weight loss reported higher levels of strenuous physical activity as a method of keeping weight off.

Eat Healthy

That same study also confirmed another finding: those who successfully kept their weight off also continued to control their dietary fat intake at a rigorous level. Reaching your weight loss goal is one thing, but reaching your goal and then going back to eating how you were before you lost the weight will quickly start packing the pounds back on. As tempting as it might be to enjoy a donut for the first time in months or even years, just remember how much work it will take to burn off those extra calories.

Remember You’re In Control

Believe it or not, your perception of the world around you and how much control you have over it is an extremely important part of weight loss maintenance. A study conducted by MedWeight found a link between how a person views the world: do you have the ability to control your weight loss by manipulating the world around you, or is your life dictated by forces outside of your control? Those who have the latter mindset have a much higher chance of failing to maintain their weight loss, where as those who attack each day with a mindset that they control their world and thus have the ability to do what they need to do to keep the weight off are far more successful.

Continue to Seek Support

Many people think that reaching their goals means they don’t have anything left to gain from their weight loss program or support group. The fact is that those who no longer have others walking with them through their journey and encouraging them along the path will probably stray and start falling back into the same bad habits they did before which led to them gaining weight. The truth is these same people who helped you lose weight can be the same ones who help you and encourage you to keep it off.

At Soza Weight Loss, we understand the frustration you can experience when struggling with stubborn body fat. We strive to help all our clients stop wasting their time and money on ineffective treatments and supplements that don’t work and lead to further annoyance. We offer a wide variety of weight loss programs, each of which can be tailored to your unique situation. We focus primarily on the elimination of abnormal body fat through healthy, sustainable means that encourage muscle growth while also helping you shed the extra stubborn pounds.

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