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Weight Loss Tips for Eating at a Restaurant


Eating out at restaurants create many pitfalls for dieters. When we are at home, we can maintain our diet plans much more easily. You have your meals planned, your grocery lists hand, and there are no temptations floating around. Eating out at restaurants is unavoidable these days. It is only inevitable that we have to visit a restaurant for a friend’s gathering, a celebration, or simply out of convenience.

Remember that restaurants will always be there and that the temptation can happen at any moment. Our New Orleans weight loss centers Soza weight loss Harvey clinic, Soza weight loss Metairie clinic, Soza weight loss Covington clinic, Soza weight loss Prairieville clinic​ offers some weight loss tips to help you so that you do not stray too far from the course!

Here are some of our tips to help when eating out at restaurants:

Hidden Sources of Calories

Restaurant menus often use buzzwords to entice customers. Read the title and description (if there is one) carefully. Words such as “glazed,” “blackened,” or “crispy” are some examples of buzzwords of food items that contain hidden calories. Sauces contain added sugars and salts, and “crispy” menu items are almost always deep-fried, instead choose oil and vinegar instead of salad dressings which are usually high in fats, sugars and sodium. Even if you are not counting calories, there may be very little in the way of nutrition.

Watch Those Portions

One of the biggest mistakes people make is eating until they feel stuffed to the brim. With restaurant portions known for being larger than average, cleaning our plates can leave us overly full. Once you have had your fill, try to remind yourself to stop. Ask for a to-go box. You can save the rest for another meal—and this can certainly be an exciting thing to look forward to!

Mix In Your Veggies

You can add bulk to your meal by substituting vegetables for side dishes such as French fries. Broccoli, red peppers, and side salads are some great low-calorie swaps. Choose lean grilled protein options like chicken breast, white fish, filet or sirloin steak. It all depends on what your taste preferences, try adding different seasonings!

As always, you can consult with our New Orleans weight loss center, Soza Weight Loss Harvey. We have a variety of weight loss solutions to suit your needs as well as your lifestyle. We are committed to helping individuals improve their health, their fitness, and have a better quality of life.

Contact us today by calling (504) 475-9817 and request a free appointment!

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