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How to Properly Time Your Meals


We are all aware about how the foods we eat are highly significant to our health and weight, but did you also know that when and how we eat makes an enormous impact? Meal timing has become an important factor in weight-loss success. By properly timing your meals, this plan can essentially cause your body to shed more pounds than with exercise and calorie restriction alone.

The following are tips from our New Orleans weight loss clinic experts:

  • Eat within one hour after you wake up – That’s right, breakfast is still the most important meal of the day. When you skip breakfast, you lose its stimulating advantages of your metabolic rate and tend to become more apt to eat larger amounts of saturate fat, more calories and unbalanced meals.
  • Begin your day with protein – Eating eggs or whey protein smoothies for breakfast enables your body to require less food throughout the day. For optimal, daily appetite control, try integrating your starchy cabs at lunch, dinner, or after your workouts rather than at breakfast.
  • Eat every three to four hours – Whether you eat three meals and one snack a day or four smaller meals a day, having a three to four hour gap in between meals will improve your fat loss by preventing excess insulin. This allows leptin to balance cortisol to improve appetite control and metabolism.
  • Always eat within 45 minutes of completing your workout – This meal or snack should contain mostly carbohydrates instead of fat. Also, don’t work out on an empty stomach.
  • Never eat within three hours of bedtime – Eating around bedtime raises your body temperature, prevents melatonin to release, decreases growth hormone release, and increases blood sugar and insulin. These factors can negatively effect the quality of your sleep and the natural fat-burning advantages of a good night’s rest. Additionally, sleep deprivation results in more cravings the following day.

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