Common Misconceptions About Carbohydrates

You’ve heard it before: stay away from carbs if you want to lose weight. Many of the fad diets that gain popularity tend to focus on reducing or eliminating carbs to quickly slim down. However, despite this fixation dieters often have on carbs, the truth is that carbs are necessary for a balanced and healthy diet. Before you embark on another low-carb diet, continue reading below to debunk some of the most popular misconceptions about carbs.

Here are some grains of truth regarding this very important macronutrient:

  • Carbs will make you put on weight: True, you will drop a bit of weight when you start a low-carb diet, but in the long-run, cutting or reducing carbs is not the answer to sustainable weight loss because such diets are simply not balanced enough. The issue with carbs is that we generally do not understand what an appropriate portion size looks like, which results in overeating. Moreover, people often do not balance their carb intake with other macronutrients, such as protein and fat. Without these two other vital macronutrients in your diet, you will have a hard time feeling full and, as a result, will end up eating much more than you should.

  • Bread is evil: All grains are not created equal. When possible, you should try to opt for whole-grain options since these will make you feel fuller for a more extended period of time, which means you will not eat quite as much. If you enjoy eating sandwiches, select bread that has anywhere between 3 to 5 grams of fiber a slice. When eating a carb-centric dish like pasta, make a side of veggies to bulk up the dish with lighter fare. Just keep in mind that, generally, food is never “bad.” Instead, it is all about finding balance.

  • A carb is a carb: You can find carbs in numerous foods, including bread, fruits, vegetables, and sugary drinks, but these carbs are not all identical. Therefore, it is important to understand which carbs should be reduced and which should stay in your diet. For example, sodas are not necessary for a healthy diet and should be reduced. Foods like whole-wheat bread, brown rice, corn, and lentils, all have carbs that are healthy additions to your diet and, combined with the fiber they contain, will keep your blood sugar from spiking or dropping.

As you can see, carbs are not a villain and you do not have to erase them from your diet in order to achieve a leaner physique. Simply focus on consuming a diet that is well-balanced and packed with the nutrients your body needs.

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