Benefits of Swimming for Weight Loss

With summer in full swimming, one of the most common summer activities is swimming. Not only is it a way to cool down from the overbearing heat, but to also get a good workout as well. Researchers have determined that regularly swimming gives people an advantage when achieving both weight loss and long term weight maintenance goals.

The following ae the benefits of swimming in regards to losing weight:

  • Burns a lot of calories. Even when you’re doing some light swimming, you can burn up to 500 calories an hour. However, with more effort, you can burn up to 700 calories per hour.
  • Water provides natural resistance. To generate movement in the pool, you must push against the water, which offers a resistance that helps the development of more lean muscle mass and contributes to increased metabolism. Remember, swimming is resistance training for your entire body all at once, which is an amazing workout.
  • Less strenuously than activities and exercises out of the water. Aside from not having to sweat profusely in a gym, your joints are supported by the water as opposed to the painful forces of gravity.
  • Great for anti­-aging. Studies have shown that swimming benefits the heart and nervous system, as well as improves cognitive abilities.
  • Variety of options. While swimming entails multiple strokes (i.e. freestyle, breast stroke, backstroke, etc.), there are other water-based activities that provide a great workout, including water polo and water aerobics.

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